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The TNN service area encompasses four Townships in Antrim County, Michigan stretches between the shoreline of East Grand Traverse Bay, and the Chain of Lakes, from Elk Rapids to Norwood - Elk Rapids, Milton, Torch Lake, and Banks Townships. The area is sometimes referred to as "Antrim Island".

Our Mission

The purpose or purposes for which the corporation is organized are:

  • Educate residents – full-time and seasonal - on issues affecting the quality of life and property rights and responsibilities.
  • Educate residents and Township officials on the laws and regulations that promote accountability in Township governance.
  • Encourage citizens who are interested, knowledgeable, and experts to become involved and participate in matters affecting public health, safety, and welfare.
  • Develop and promote public policy initiatives.
  • Contract scientific investigation, testing, and studies related to natural resources and the protection of public safety.
  • Develop educational materials that explore and promote the lessening of the burdens of government and lessening of neighborhood tensions

Officers of the TNN Board

PresidentKeith Termaat

Vice PresidentScott Finch

SecretaryWenche Borgnakke

Non-Board Positions

TreasuryIndetech Services LLC(pro bono)Accounting, Web support, Fundraising Support

CounselKrystin J. Houle, PLC(ad hoc)Legal Counsel

Board of Directors

Wenche Borgnakke Sr. Research Associate, UM School of Dentistry.  Member, Gum disease workgroup, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.  Award-winning lecturer in U.S. and Canada, Europe,  Middle East.  DDS & Ph.D.–Dentistry in Denmark, MPH - Dental Public Health at UM.
Scott Finch Treasury Executive. Juris Doctor. Finance and Corporate Strategy.  Worked on Wall Street, Detroit, Houston, and Traverse City, where he was born and raised.  Aided in rewriting Milton Township Master Plan.
Deborah Leich Sr. member Victory Capital Institutional Markets.  Michigan Municipal League Foundation Board. Detroit Economic Club, 100+ Women of Motown. Investment advisor.
LTC(Ret) Ross W. Snare As Lieutenant Colonel deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. Security & Defense consultant securing the homeland from external threats. Continues proud family tradition in the military. Ph.D. Operations Research.
Keith Termaat Non-profit leader of GT Bay coastal waters, watersheds, and Great Lakes. Boards - Restore Our Water Intl., American Nat’ l Standards Institute-ISO Exec. & Finance Committees (Ret.), Society of Engineers(Ret), Executive Engineer Ford Motor Company (Ret.).

Norman Veliquette

Agricultural Economist, cherry farming leader, and iconic voice in the community.


2022 Summary TNN Annual Report

Sixteenth Report since inception

Township Neighbors Network (TNN) - Recognized as a forward-looking voice for the interests of the Antrim County coastal community on Grand Traverse Bay - Tracked state of the Great Lakes as rising water, colder Lake Superior. Presented coastal initiatives to community groups by invitation - Connects to US-Canada Great Lakes shoreline and worldwide NGOs – Adapted make room for the water' policy from the Netherlands. From centuries of higher dikes to, harmony with water e.g. mounds dating to 500 BC Concluded 157 years of mankind’s diversions, re-channeling and control structures amplify extreme water levels of Great Lakes since 1865 – Supports restoring natural 4-foot range (not 6’); bi-national field study of St. Clair River bottom contours. Advocated DIY adapt/improvise infrastructure for resilience after 100-year storms flooded shorelines and homes from collapsed dams, drain overflows, and pumping failures. - Concluded water level forecasts are difficult and unreliable; no expert forecast 2020 high or 1997-2013 low; multiyear models are one-sided and contradictory. Revealed that just 3% of statewide Great Lakes waterfront lots placed rocks alongshore – Promoted off-shore breakwater, a thoughtful design to make use of the timeless harmony of natural forces.

Co-signed open letter to US house/senate riparian districts for $10 million appropriation to reset water flow control policy. Tutored Deed Restrictive Covenants, HOA’s & Zoning. Recorded covenants run with the land. Docks/Hoists as zoned accessory structures must meet side setbacks. Stricter covenant setbacks prevail over zoning. Contact zoning administrator Reported debate: YES, The Great Lakes region could be a climate refuge. NOT YET, until the region works with nature to reduce water highs and increase the low to mitigate stronger storms. Progress: Antrim coast has a 50-50 balance of preserved and private residences - Tutored zoning law and deed restrictive covenants including docks subject to buyer discovery. Call to action eradicate Spotted Knapweed invasive species from beaches - Enjoy beach short story and woodsy poem - Advocate septic inspection and transport of all pumped human waste to the treatment plant.

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No activities, including political activities, which are not permitted by a corporation organized under §501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, shall be carried out to fulfill any of the Corporation's purposes.