EASTB Sub-Watershed

East Arm Shoreline of Traverse Bay

EASTB Sub-Watershed Protection Plan

Alongshore Trek - Eastport to Elk Rapids

EASTB Watershed has 4% of Grand Traverse Bay water inflows E.A.S.T has 24 streams entering the Bay – twice that number in total (map) from Elk Rapids to Norwood. EASTB has forested residential living along East Bay beaches, inland living in dune settings, rural homes, villages, farms, and businesses. E.A.S.T upland farms feature orchards, vineyards, row crops, and confined or pastured cows. Uplands drain through 3 local creeks; Mitchell Creek incl. Mud Lake in its 12 sq. mile basin, Paradine McGuire Creek and Creswell Creek. NOTE: TNN is working under the auspices of the Watershed Center – GT Bay, with the Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council. This work is part of the overall MDEQ and EPA-sanctioned GT Bay Watershed Protection Plan. 

  • EASTB Sub-Watershed Protection Plan