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Mist Woods
"Mist Woods" by Kim Nixon

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  1. Educate citizens on issues affecting quality of life and property rights.

  2. Educate residents and Township officials on the laws and regulations that promote accountability in Township governance.

  3. Educate and inspire Township citizens who are interested, knowledgeable, and expert to become involved and to participate in matters affecting the public health, safety and welfare.

  4. Develop and promote public policy initiatives.

  5. Contract scientific investigation, testing, and studies related to natural resources and the protection of the public safety.

  6. Develop educational materials that explore and promote the lessening of the burdens of government and lessening of neighborhood tensions.

No activities, including political activities, which are not permitted by a corporation organized under §501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, shall be carried out to fulfill any of the Corporation's purposes.