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UPDATE:  Journey to a Greater Beach. This is the third report on the quest to stabilize a beach along the GT Bayshore.  A breakwater just offshore was installed  August 30, 2020.  The beach has grown to ever greater dimensions through three seasons.  Other residents alongshore have either built, planned, or expressed support for this solution. We’ll see what seasonal water level rise brings in the July-August peak.


Coastal Lifestyles Michigan - SURF America’s 3rd  CoastGreat lakes breakers were surfed a century ago.  Small surfing communities have sprouted across the Great Lakes since then.  'Third Coast' surfing is more popular than ever! Greatness of the Lakes enables surfing; 5,400 cubic miles of water and more shoreline than East and West coasts combined.  Check Weather, get equipped, learn the moves then catch a wave!


Lake Michigan-Huron Water Level – May 7, 2021. Lake Michigan rose 1 inch from April.  Lake Superior rose 4 inches. Forecasted May 7 levels are below this time last year: Lake Superior is down 4 inches, Lake Michigan-Huron, St. Clair, and Erie are down 15 inches.  Projection for June 7 is a 2 inch rise for Lake Michigan-Huron. All lakes are above long-term average, except Lake Ontario is lower (due to release of retained hydropower water).


FEMA Assessment - Great Lakes Shoreline Stabilization.  Programmatic Environmental Assessment (PEA) in Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana, and Illinois evaluates measures eligible for FEMA grants like bioengineered stabilization, beach & dune nourishment; revetments, bulkheads/seawalls, breakwaters, groins, jetties, infra-structure relocation and repair, piers, boardwalks, rain gardens-bioswales and structure acquisition, demolition, relocation.


Wisconsin Sea Grant Has been features in TNN News on topics related to shoreline erosion with ground-proofed recommendations. TNN believes saltwater experience provides fresh water insight into Lake Michigan-Huron. This excerpt of a conversation with the retired UW Sea Grant Director was featured in On Wisconsin Magazine.  After two decades, this UW Sea Grant leader, a Finnish native, sails off into retirement.


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