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News in Short

Recent 2020 Great Lakes Regulation Wins.

Great Lakes Regulation Wins.  Bi-partisan STORM Act passed in December; signed by the then President on January 1, 2021.  The Act offers states/cities flexibility to offer low interest loans for high impact projects to reduce risks for local companies/communities.  Act improves resilience and planning for communities across the U.S. The then President also signed Water Resources Development Act. Read more 2021 Winter TNN News

What to Do to Protect a Beloved Natural Shoreline:

What to Do to Protect a Beloved Natural Shoreline:  Antrim County MI coastal residents struggled for decades to protect East Bay natural shoreline; futile with crisis high water.  Seawalls were built first on headlands, then high bluffs, finally coved beaches. This is democracy in action in the face of official inaction.  Memorial Day and July storms took 8 feet off a coved beach – 80 feet in 5 years - prompted building a sill type offshore breakwater.  Read more 2020 Autumn TNN News

Offshore Sill Type Breakwater, Antrim MI coast – Coved Beach:

Offshore Sill Type Breakwater, Antrim MI coast – Coved Beach:  The sill is a row of boulders in then 20 inches of water along 580.5 OHWM. Laid end-to-end, 6-9 inches apart, granite boulders weigh 1–2 ton. Riprap along low bluff shields trees and features.  Sand filled-in right after the Aug. 30 build. A Nov. 1 gale confirmed a degree of success; a later storm moved sand from south to north. We’ll see what winter brings. Read more 2020 Autumn TNN News

Please Donate to TNN, a 501(c)(3).

Please Donate to TNN, a 501(c)(3).  In challenging times, some in the TNN community stay home, others venture out.  TNN always operates virtually – no physical facility - no employees.  We  engage support partners within resource limits.  Adversity brings out the best shared goals and grit.  TNN News curated to your interests.  Your tax-deductible donation finances projects to  help contend with challenges to our lifestyle. Please use attached form, 2021 TNN Donation FormRead more 2020 Autumn TNN News

2021 TNN Board.

2021 TNN Board.  Directors & Officers provide guidance to protect East Bay Antrim County coast, watersheds, and resident lifestyles.  TNN serves Torch Lake, Milton, Elk Rapids, and Banks Townships, Norwood to Elk Rapids. Nominees are selected from TNN members, partners, donors, and local leaders.  Interested?  Contact Keith Termaat. TNN.Mich@gmail.com.  Complete list of Directors & Officers.www.townshipneighborsnetwork.com/about-us/ :Read more 2020 Autumn TNN News